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We are a company dedicated to the production of carded and regenerated wool yarns. With more than 40 years of experience, we work to offer you a high-quality product. Efficiency, adaptability and solidarity are values that identify us.

· Yarns Composition
- Cellulosic fibers
100% Viscose
Viscose / natural vegetable fibers
Viscose / natural animal fibers
Viscose / synthetic fibers
Viscose / artificial fibers
Dyed viscose
- Polyester
Recycled polyester
Blend with natural vegetable fibers
Blend with natural animal fibers
Polyester / synthetic fibers
Polyester / artificial fibers
Dyed polyester
- Polyamide
100% Polyamide
Polyamide / natural fibers
Polyamide / synthetic fibers
Polyamide / artificial fibers
Dyed Polyamide
- Acrylic
HB Acrylic
- Others
- Cotton
Cottons / natural vegetable fibers
Cottons / natural animal fibers
Cottons / synthetic fibers
- Wool
Wools of natural vegetable fibers
Wools / natural animal fibers
Wools / synthetic fibers
Wools / artificial fibers
Colour dyed wools
Colour blended wools
Carded wool
100% wool
- Silk
Blends with vegetable fibers
Blends with animal fibers
Blends with synthetic fibers
Dyed yarns
100% silk
· Yarns End Uses
- Shed fabrics for clothing
- Fabrics used in the home
- Fabrics used for uniforms
- Shed fabrics for the home - decoration
- Yarns for knitwear
- Yarns for shed knitting
- Knitwear for the home - decoration

Founded in the '60s in Sabadell and currently run by the second generation of the family, we continue to maintain the same philosophy and maxim as when Jesús Rubio founded it. Experience, commitment, a highly qualified and professional team, proximity in dealing with customers and adaptation to their needs will continue to be our pillars.

With more than 40 years of experience, we have acquired recognised and appreciated techniques and know-how to manufacture classic, regenerated and fancy carded yarns.

The range of yarns we offer is composed of blends of animal, vegetable and synthetic fibres.

We have 3,500 m2 for the production of high quality carded woollen yarn. Being leaders in carded wool and regenerated yarns, pioneers in yarn production from recycled material, we dedicate more than half of our production to recycled yarn.

Customisation, flexibility and speed are our three key pillars. Firstly, we work together with the customer to develop yarns with new compositions for different industries. Secondly, we adapt to the needs of each customer, both technically and in terms of service. And finally, we offer flexibility in terms of quantities.

Committed to the environment and sustainable development, we believe in the importance of investment in R&D and the circular economy as a transversal innovation model. 

Mission, vision and values


To bring quality to the textile sector in the production chain, developing changes in the sector's paradigms and influencing the awareness of citizens in the use of natural and high-quality products.


To be a leading company in the carding industry, recognised nationally and internationally for its quality, with the will to collaborate with business initiatives.


Efficiency, a fast service adapted to the needs of our customers.

Quality, committed to ensuring that the entire process is the best until its delivery.

Experience and professionalism, 40 years of experience in the sector.

Adaptability and flexibility, adapting to the customer's needs.

Solidarity, understanding the sector as we, beyond business competitiveness, adaptation to the customer.

Responsibility, respect for the sector, suppliers/customers, honesty in our dealings leads to business trust.

Teamwork, a highly qualified, experienced team and plural management.

Competitiveness, daily effort to improve.

Respect for the environment, committed to sustainable development and preserving our surroundings to the maximum.


Molí d'en Gall Nau 2
08210 Barberá del Vallès
T. +34937110226
F. +34937114058