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· Fabrics Composition
- Polyester
100% Polyester
Polyester / natural vegetable fibers (LI - RA - CA - BA - KA)
Polyester / cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU - AC)
Polyester / man-made fibers (PA - PAC - PP)
Polyester / elastane
Recycled polyester
- Polyamide
100% Polyamide
Polyamide / natural vegetable fibers (LI - RA - CA - BA - KA)
Polyamide / cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU - AC)
Polyamide / man - made fibers (PES - PAC - PP)
Polyamide / elastane
- Cellulosic fibers: CV - CLY - CMD
100% Cellulosic fibers
Cellulosic fibers + natual vegetable fibers (LI - RA - YU - BA - KP)
Cellulosic fibers + cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU - AC)
Cellulosic fibers + man - made fibers (PA - PES - PAC - PP)
Cellulosic fibers with special technical features (anti UV...)
Cellulosic fibers + elastane
- Elastane
Elastane + natural vegetable fibers (LI - RA - YU - BA - KP)
Elastane + cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU - AC)
Elastane + man - made fibers (PA - PES - PAC - PP)
- Cotton
BIO organic cotton
Recycled cotton
Cotton / elastane
Cotton / man-made fibers (PA - PES - PAC - PP)
100% cotton
Cotton / natural vegetable fibers (LI - RA - YU - BA - KP)
Cotton / cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU- AC)
· Fabrics End uses
- Industrial Sector
Rubber industry reinforcements
Digital printing (advertising)
- Uniforms / Occupational wear
a.) Service sector
b.) Industrial sector
- Other end uses
- Sportswear
Training clothes
Sports trousers
· Accessories Treatments
- Flame resistant
- Resins
- Thermofixing

The origins of INCABO, SA go back to the year 1959, since them the company has been dedicated to the manufacture of technical fabrics for industrial, military and clothing protection among others.

We produce fabrics for industrial application as for: belting and conveyor belt production, textile reinforcement rubber industry, textile support digital printing, military (bulletproof vest, ruckpacks, bags ..) , work protective clothes( High Visibility, flame retardant, waterproofing ...), compost covers

We design, develop and produce a customized fabrics for meeting our customers needs.

We are a dynamic and versatile company characterized for worktean and continuous development for adapting to the markets needs. Great production and development capacity. RFL finishings own line


Avda. Juan de la Cierva 12 P.I. Can Castells
08420 Canovelles
T. 937369874