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Marina Textil is a company situated in Barcelona which produces technical fabrics for personal protective equipment (PPE) from differents sectors such as oil & gas, electrical, foundries, chemical, automotion, firefighters, forestry and military. In our own production plant we produce knitted, sheet and laminated fabrics; moreover, we have a division which produce high temperature fabrics.

· Fabrics Composition
- Polyester
Polyester / man-made fibers (PA - PAC - PP)
- Polyamide
Polyamide / cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU - AC)
- Cellulosic fibers: CV - CLY - CMD
Cellulosic fibers + natual vegetable fibers (LI - RA - YU - BA - KP)
Cellulosic fibers + natural animal fibers (WO - WA - WS - WK - WM - WP - SE)
Cellulosic fibers + cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU - AC)
- Elastane
Elastane + natural vegetable fibers (LI - RA - YU - BA - KP)
Elastane + cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU - AC)
Elastane + man - made fibers (PA - PES - PAC - PP)
- Combed wool
Combed wool / cellulosic fibers (CV - CLY - CMD - CU - AC)
Combed wool / man-made fibers (PA - PES - PAC)
· Fabrics End uses
- Industrial Sector
Personal protective equipment
- Industrial sector
High temperatures protective fabrics for industrial facilities
- Uniforms / Occupational wear
b.) Industrial sector
c.) Public sector
· Accessories Treatments
- Flame resistant
- Silicone
· Treatments
- Fireproof
· Knitting
Dying / Bleaching
· Woven Fabrics

Marina Textil S.L. is a company placed in Barcelona that produces technical fabrics for PPE applications in different sectors of the industry like oil, gas, electric, foundry and automotive. The solutions provided are always inherent flame resistant, so the worker is safe from the first to the last day of use.


The company was born as fabric manufacturer in 1992 with 3 workers and 7 looms. In 1996 the first men’s fashion collection was made and sold. In 1997 the first collection of technical fabrics called Marlan was developed and the company started to grow, and in 2002 with the development of the Marko family of fabrics the company reached 15 workers and 12 looms. In 2010 the 85% of the turnover was in technical fabrics, with a 70% of exportation, 35 workers and 30 looms. In 2019 the turnover was 33,3 M €, with 60 workers and 88% of exportation (selling to more than 50 countries all around the world). The average turnover growth of the company since 2010 has been 15%.


Our powerful and highly-versatile production plant allow us to produce woven, knitted and laminated fabrics (with hot melt as well as calender machines) and all kind of special finishes, with fast reaction capacity and competitive timings. All the meters we produce are made in Barcelona.


One of the most important parts of Marina Textil S.L. are the laboratories of the quality control. Those are 3 full-equipped laboratories to check all the parameters of the fabric, including all the tests to check the heat and flame behaviours as well as the physical parameters. The laboratory includes an area to test the behaviour of the fabrics against the molten metal splashes. Of course, all the machines and test performances are according to the different European (ISO) as well as American regulations (ASTM – NFPA).

With all those procedures and machines, we can test and ensure the proper protection properties as well as quality parameters in all our productions, so the worker is properly safe using our solutions. Moreover, the tests are made in all the batches produced, reaching up to 300 tests daily.


Such facilities create the proper environment for our strong R&D&i department, which consists in 5 highly-qualified people that develop, upgrade and improve all the solutions the company provides, always focussed to the same mentality: the safety of the worker. In total, the average is 8 new developments per year as well as 15 upgrades in existing technical fabrics. Always moving forward to create a better solution.

Of course, all the technical fabrics we produce are properly certified in independent and official laboratories.


Our companies’ commitment to the environment may be seen when Marina Textil conducts, research and develops a new fabric, as well as during the entire manufacturing process. Because we understand that sustainable protective fabrics are not just a product, but a whole process. Besides, we have created a recycle system where we recycle the edges of the fabric that are left over from weaving.

Fibre selection has led us to look for the best raw materials and to consider alternatives with less impact on the climate. During the weaving phase, using looms with the latest technology, along with optimising traceability in storage rooms, has led to substantial energy conservation. Our experts are constantly analysing the dyeing and finishing processes in order to minimise waste.

The result of this effort is the fact that we obtained Öko-Tex certification, which is the standard that regulates and controls the use of toxic substances harmful for the human and animal health in the textile sector.  

We participate in university projects, thanks to which, our production processes have reduced waste water consumption. In addition, to promote sustainable global development, we foster education and trading projects in underdeveloped countries.

All the energy used by Marina Textil S.L. comes from renewable sources since many years ago, and with the recent addition of solar panels in the roof of our warehouse, we reach up to 20% of self-produced electricity.


Pol. Industrial, Carrer Llobateres, 27
08210 Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona)
T. +34 93 719 53 79